Christmas Light Take Down and Storage

We have now completed all the holiday lighting take downs for our valued commercial and residential customers for the 2016 holiday season. All of our clients enjoy not having to worry about not only the dreaded task of taking down Christmas lights but also storing them after the holidays. As our customer you get a full service that includes the installation, service, take down and storage of the lights. We rent our lights you are not obligated to purchase any of our lights allowing you the freedom to change your color choice each year without ending up with unwanted lights. Come season’s end, our crews return to take down your display with the same attention to detail and care as your installation. We bring the lights back to our warehouse where we service all the lights to 100% working condition to prepare them for the next holiday season. Our customers don’t have to worry about having to buy bins or make room in their garage or attic to store lights. No more attempts at DIY holiday decor save yourself  time and money. Show up your neighbors and impress your holiday guests this season with the brightest, best-looking house in the neighborhood!