Make Your 2020 Christmas Season Bigger, Brighter, and Most of All Extra Special This Year!

2020 Has gotten off to a rough start to say the least. We have been hit by a pandemic that has changed us all forever. Social distancing has kept us away from important people in our lives helping us appreciate the value of family, friends and humanity in general.

The Christmas Season has always been the most celebrated all around the world. We feel this year wont be any different and will take on an even larger meaning than ever. We have watched it in the news and read articles about people all over the country putting up their Christmas lights back up to spread hope during COVID-19 Pandemic.

Holiday lights bring cheer to social distancing, there are social media trends encouraging people to put up their Christmas Lights these stories are popping up all over the country.

As we all try to keep our social distance and flatten the curve we can go back to business as usual and get America back on track. Here at The Christmas Kings we are still working so that our clients can continue to plan for the 2020 Holiday Season. We are still providing quotes for shopping centers, malls, hotels, casinos, car dealerships, Churches and more…..

We look forward to getting past these dark times and getting back to business as usual. In the meantime we do have staff available to provide you with free quotes and plan for this vey special upcoming Holiday Season!

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